Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm loving birds right now!

So much so that I got an UBER-cute bird vinyl stickie from (that site is sooo addicting, since everything is handmade) and it just got delivered today!


He kinda reminds me of "The Raven" I named him Poe...


And now he lives in my kitchen. (I know I'm crazy) He's just too too cute!

I also whipped out the watercolors and made this little diddy up, and stuck it in a $5 on sale frame from Target! It will be hung in my living room...



Lindsay said...

i love birdies too! that's what jordyn has been calling Paige ! :) "Birdy" and can i jus say i LOVE your picture! and where is YOUR etsy store girl? you could be selling this stuff! xoxo

katemonster said...

Will you paint me a picture like that? Only with lavender instead of blue? :]

HelloKitty said...

lol thanks Linds!

Yes Katie I sure will!!