Monday, December 20, 2010

LPDH's Ornament Party!

Hi Bloggies!! I've been away for a while and alot has happened! The Mr and I are having our first baby due in February and we bought our very first house whcich means tons of new projects for this new mama!!

Since we just moved in (literally last week) I was feeling a little scrooge-ish because I had NO Christmas decorations up. (you know how sad that is being a crafty girl) Well, I forced the hubbs to get out all of our decor and tree from the garage so that I could have at least a little time feeling like it was an actual holiday.

We finally got our tree up yesterday....yes YESTERDAY...5 days before Christmas! Yikes! I love going through our ornaments since I'm a big ornament collector (so much so that I can't even fit most of them on our tree *blush*) and I thought it would be a fan-tabulous idea to throw an ornament party on Little Pink Dollhouse! I'll post a Linky at the end of this post, and I want to see ALL of your favorite ornaments!

And now, on with my faves (and I want to hear lots of "oohing and ahhing"!) ;)

Something sweet:

Beautiful peacocks (I have 2 towards the top of the tree)

I WANT A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS... You all know the song! Well last year I sang that dang song so much I actually got ornament form from my lovely mother. EEP!! Isn't it the CUUUUUTESSST!?!?

This is one of my favorites:
because it reminds me of one of my real life favorites (which I know you have seen in posts past)

Reindeer rockinghorse :)

Oh little town of Bethlehem...

Okay I will spare you with the rest, because honestly I have TONS and I don't want to scare off any readers... especially new ones that don't know my personality....... and may think I'm crazy................ please like me...

SO here's the deal, I want to see YOUR favorite ornaments, so make up a post on your blog, include a link to LPDH's Ornamnet Party and then come back here and link it up!!

Can't wait to see what you have hanging on your tree!