Monday, October 5, 2009

Fabric on Canvas

Just a quick and easy idea for old scraps laying around... I took an old canvas I had painted on back in college, some fabric I wasn't going to use for anything and my staple gun and just "reapholstered" if you will, the canvas.


Easy! Make sure you pull and staple really tight so you don't have any wrinkles in the fabric. How cute would these look in some sort of toile print!?!?


Samantha said...

Love it :) I can never find any pretty fabric though around here to do this craft. Joann Fabric and Hancock have a lot of ugly old lady choices! I gotta find a hip cool fabric place around here..I think IKEA makes some super cool modern prints. Three of those fabric canvas in a row on a wall in a hallway would look so pretty!

Amy @LittlePinkDollhouse said...

Ohh Sam, Ikea does have great fabric!! That's a great idea!