Saturday, August 6, 2011

Framed Initial

So we all know I love me some framed initials! Example

...well I guess for that matter I also love white spray paint hehehe...

...but come ON! How could you not!? It makes everything look so clean and uniform and modern...ahhhh sweet sweet peaceful white spraypaint... (yes I have problems)

So I wanted to do a small framed initial for our last name... and since we are the C*coughcoughcough* Family ;) I did a "C".

I am so in LURV! All I did was spraypaint an old frame I found at Goodwill (of course), spraypaint a wooden letter "C" I got from Michaels, stick some scrapbok paper in the frame and glue the letter in the center! Super easy and SUPER adorbs! :)

I hung him up right by my front door... I'm thinking I need a small white board with keyring hooks right underneath it. What do you think?


Mrs. T said...

Of course I love it ;) Yeah a little white keyring thing underneath would be nice and practical!

Shannon Ivy said...

Keyring would be a great idea!