Friday, May 27, 2011

Simple Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

Our downstairs powder room is tiny. It had ond of those mirrors that just slapped up against the wall with a couple screws around the outsides holding it on. It wasn't very wasn't necessarily "ugly" but it just was doing nothing for me. So we painted the room a dark chocolate brown and hung up the mirror that used to be in our old apartment in our dining room and I think it looks so pretty now!





Thursday, May 26, 2011


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Kitchen Lights Before & After

Hubby and I bought our first house back in December for our new little bambino! Well I'm finally getting around to posting some of the projects we've already had done here (and there will be loads more to come!)

We wanted to re-do the kitchen lights since they were those uuuugly and I mean UGLY fluorescent lights! This is the only picture I have of the before...this was when we were still in escrow...look up lol



we pulled them out of there and noticed we had a beautiful recessed ceiling under them! We had our contractor cut some holes and rewire some recessed lighting in there and had him paint the inner wall the same gray color we were painting our entire downstairs! We also added some decorative moulding around the outside edge and around the inside edge and woooah mama, talk about an upgrade!


Closeup of the detail:


love love love love LOOOVE!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anniversary gift

What kind of girl gets excited about getting a hand saw, a miter box and a home depot gift card for her anniversary...*points to self* this girl...ohh yeah!! decorative moulding aisle here I come! I'm a rare breed!